The Ultimate Difference Between SPCL Series  Circular Loom And Other Kinds Of Circular Loom  

          Nov 2009

           The successful development of SPCL Plastic Circular Loom is  the result of combining professional technology with patented technology and weaving experience, and is of full intellectual properties, the prominent performance  are widely accepted by the market, nevertheless somebody still has questions like what differences are there between SPCL Series Plastic Circular Loom and other kinds of circular loom ? Here are our answers to two types of customers about the ultimate differences .
        First of all we categorized customers as two types, the first type is the customers specialized in plastic weaving industry for a long-term period while another type is the customers ready to partake in plastic weaving industry.

The answers to first type of customers:

1.About Shuttle
       Due to the unique patent (Swallow-Tail Guide Rail Pair for Plastic Circular Loom, Patent No ZL 96 2 17570.6 ) owned by SPCL Series  Circular Loom, there’s only one wheel pushed by shuttle-pusher but no other wheels, the grind breakage to warps is reduced by 80% , meanwhile the impact of warps to movement precision of shuttles is avoided, these are completely different from all other kinds of circular loom, and result in following effects:
    a) Significantly reducing thread breakage, the maximum width of the circular loom can be up to 10 meters over, unit weight of fabrics can be 250~800g/sq.m. or below 50g/sq.m.;
    b) Completely avoiding shuttle drop, and the shuttle can be adapted to warps with thickness above 0.03-0.5mm;
    c) Strength loss of fabrics decreased by 10%.

2. About Cam
     SPCL Series Circular Loom improved on 3-dimension cam adopted by STARLINGER Circular Loom (Austria ) , there are no friction distances and no any other parts within the open-mouth formed by cam, rocker and palm belt, bestowed the whole machine with following characters:
    a) stable running, no lubrication needed for cam, low noise;
    b) power consumption decreased by more than 25%, or power-saving 60 degrees a day for 6m width circular loom.

3. About Weft Density Adjustment
     SPCL Series Circular Loom adopting transducer and servo-control on main machine and lifting system to keep the synchronization between lifting speed and rotating speed of main machine, and the speed ratio can be adjusted as required at any moment, as a result:
    a) precise adjustment of fabrics unit weight can be made at any moment, as such to remedy slit films’ error on drawbench, so as to meet customer’s requirement and avoid waste of slit film;
    b) no need to stop machine while adjusting weft density, adjusting while weaving is necessary to high productivity.

The answers to second type of customers:
1. About Performance of SPCL Series Super Circular Loom
    a) SPCL Series Circular Loom is the only circular loom covering width 2m to 10.2m and unit weight 40 g/sq.m. to 800g/sq.m., in other words SPCL Series Circular Loom can weave fabrics which other circular loom can weave , as well as weave the fabrics which other circular loom cannot weave so that usually obtains corner opportunities on the market.
    b) Using same thread , the intensity of fabrics woven by SPCL Series  Circular Loom is 10% higher than by other circular loom, i.e. if intensity of fabrics woven by other circular loom differentiates up to 10% from requirement, SPCL Series Circular Loom can still produce fabric with the intensity required, hence on a daily production , inferior fabrics can be reduced to the least and greatly cut down the case that users claim for compensation and cannot receive payment for poor product quality.
    c) The rotation speed per minute of SPCL-16/10000, SPCL-12/8000A and SPCL-10/6000 is respectively 35, 41 and 51, less thread breakage, while weaving fabrics with density 10x10, 130g/sq.m., daily turnout is 14000sq.m. , 10000sq.m. and 8000sq.m. respectively.

2. About Maintenance
     While striving for outstanding performance of SPCL Series Circular Loom we apply ourself to simplify maintenance and reduce easy-wear parts, skilled-workers with three years’ experience in machinery industry can master service technics with one month.
3. About After Service
     We own the all core technologies of SPCL Series Circular Loom, while improving our product we also extend the service to old customers to enhance the performance of all SPCL Series Circular Loom for maximum benefits.

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