Spot News of 16-Shuttle Circular Loom


Oct. 2011


Heavy-duty 16-Shuttle Circular Loom ( SPCL-16/10000 ) is known as the circular loom of the most shuttles and biggest folded diameter , suitable to weave base fabrics with perimeter up to ten meters for container inline bag and container liquid flexitank, also for ten meters' wide breadth high strength geo-fabrics , the unit weight of fabrics 50~400 g/sq.m. , the highest up to 800g/sq.m.

Main specification

Model                SPCL-16/10000
Shuttle              16 (piece)
Max Folded Diameter  5000(mm)
Max Unfolded width   10000(mm)
Warp                 5280(piece)
Weft Density         4~14 (piece/inch)
Main motor speed     5~35 (rpm)
Main Motor Power     22 (kW)


The look-down picture of Heavy-duty 16Shuttle Circular Loom (main machine)


The weaving pictures of Heavy-duty 16Shuttle Sircular Loom


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