12-Shuttle Super Circular Loom

New Opportunity for plastic weaving in new millennium

12-Shuttle, 8m Width, Heavy Duty, Low Cost, Special Quality Control Technology

So-called SUPER, means the machine exceeded current technology of circular loom in several aspects , such as 12-shuttle, 8m width, heavy-duty, low-cost, etc.



Why 12-shuttle

12-shuttle i.e. there are 12 shuttles installed with circular loom which able to weave simultaneously.

1. Lead-out speed of weft of current high-speed circular loom has reaches at about 5m/s, only weft of good-quality can fit it. In general 4m/s suits widely, for the case of same folded diameter and woof speed, production rate of 12 shuttles is 2 times of 6 shuttles, 1.5 times of 8 shuttles and 1.2 time of 10 shuttles respectively, as a result 12 shuttles is the inevitable choice for high production.

2.For fabrics, break of one weft thread means flaw, since it's difficult to avoid weft break completely, we have to reduce the affection of weft break, to increase shuttles is proven to be benefited , as follows:

shuttle (piece)






loss of strength for break of one weft thread(%)






As such loss of strength for 12 shuttles will be less then 10% while one weft breaks.

3. For same folded diameter, weaving speed and weft, time interval of weft change will be 2 times of 6 shuttles, 1.5 times of 8 shuttles and 1.2 time of 10 shuttles respectively, such that continuous running time of 12 shuttles will be longer than that of 6 shuttles,8 shuttles and 10 shuttles, if figured for 2-3 man operating two set of 12 shuttles circular loom, the efficiency and economy will be perfect.


Why 8m wide width

1.Due to large paving area for using geo-textile, dozens of the fabrics with width at 3.5-5m will be patched up to meet the needs, moreover the joint spends more time and fabrics, also lower the strength. Obviously the fabrics with 4m folded diameter (8m width if extended) can enhance the paving quality, reduce the consumption of material. The following is joint consumption rate at overlap 0.3m

width (m)







Consumption Rate at joint overlap(%)







2.Plastic canopy can resist low temperature, frost, wind, snow and rain, and adjust temperature, light, water, climate and fertilizer in order to provide well condition for crops. The wider of the width, the less fabrics used, so that leads to higher production. Using 8m wide width super-thin canopy woven by SPCL12 in stead of traditional geo-membrane will increase the life-span by times, hence help you earns great benefits.


Why heavy-duty

Heavy-duty means circular loom is capable of weaving the fabrics over 400g/m2. For high strength woven geo-textile Chinese Standard GB/T17641-1998 lists the specification including 400g/m2 , 460g/m2, 520g/m2, 640g/m2 etc, these fabrics exceeds the weaving ability of ordinary circular loom, but easy to be woven by SPCL12 due to its heavy-duty property, even 800g/m2 can be woven.

Why low strength loss

Low strength loss ,i.e. strength loss less than 5% during weaving.

1.For current circular loom , strength loss is usually 15% while weaving fabrics 80-210g/m2, 20% for exceeding the this scope. Thus for same slit film, fabrics woven by circular loom of low strength loss will gain 10% higher in strength then those woven by current circular loom. As such to reach at the same strength, circular loom of low strength loss will save 10% material (slit film) than ordinary circular loom does.

2.For circular looms of low strength loss have less scathe to slit film, compared with those circular loom can only weave fabrics at 55-230g/m2, they possesses wider weaving scope and more flexibility, and capable of weaving fabrics at 40-800 g/m2.

3.As folded diameter of circular loom increases, warps increase, too, meanwhile the chances of stop for slit film break also increase, which lead to flaw and low production, that's why current ordinary circular loom will be out of run if increasing width and warps. On the contrary warp break rate is almost zero for circular looms of low strength loss, that's true for even increasing up to 4000, as such circular loom with over-wide folded diameter can only be those circular loom of low strength loss.

Special quality control technology

Fabrics flaws, most often and difficult to control is break of slit film. SPCL12 can almost avoid film break with utilization of special quality control technology.

1.Automation control used on warp shelf for warp break, so that any warp break info will be known by worker immediately . If there's no measures taken during pre-set time interval (such as 20 seconds), circular loom will stop automatically to avoid flaw occur.

2.Weft break will lead to immediate shutdown, but during the shutdown process , weft density compensation technology ensures regular fabrics can be woven.


Main Specification

Shuttle (piece)


Width of the fabric (mm) 8050
Number of warps (piece) 4000
Bobbin size (mm) f38 x 230 f38 x 270
Rotational speed (r/min) 5-35
Shuttle cast (shuttle/min) 420
Power of the main motor (kW) 15
Dimension (m) (LxWxH) 18x5.5x6.8
Gross weight (ton) 14
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