Brief About Changsheng Plastic Circular Loom


      This large-scale high performance circular loom with full intellectual rights is based upon more than twenty years’ professional experience on circular loom design and running, its outstanding performance covers following three aspects:

1.  Trans-normal production capability
This circular loom is suitable to weaving fabrics of maximum width 16m (double flat 8m)、unit weight 40~1200g/m2, this sort of fabrics are widely used as geo-textile,canopy cloth,packing fabric,special purpose application , also available for fabrics with muscles and round thread besides slit film.
High efficiency and daily output 5000m2 benefit from that ten shuttles weaving simultaneously.
2.  Perfect quality control for fabrics
This circular loom can enhance the strength of fabrics up 5~15% than normal with special structure  based upon advanced weaving principle.This circular loom adopts integrated control technology on warps and woofs, results that the torn hole not more than one per 500m2
3. Three core technology for the loom ensure long-term stable running
<< The Dovetail Slideway of Plastic Circular Loom >>(patent no:ZL 96217570.6),3-D cam to drive and control weaving, computer proportional control for woof density adjusting are three core technology of this circular loom. They supersede necessary slide block, slide shank, shuttle wheel, gear wheel for woof density adjusting and other easy-torn parts on ordinary circular loom. The result is long-term stable running, reduced maintenance and running cost,high utilization of circular loom.


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