The advantage of super circuar loom


SPCL series super circular loom is the perfect combination of professional knowledge , patented technology and operating experience , and of full intellectual properties as well, its extraordinaire performance is widely recognized by market , the features are listed as follows: 
1. Market advantage of Products from SPCL series circular loom  a. SPCL series super circular loom is the only loom till now all over the world which covers from 2 to 10.2 meter and unit weight 40~1000g/sq.m.  i.e. it can weave fabrics that other looms can weave, it can also weave the fabrics that other looms cannot weave, as a result the customers of SPCL series super circular loom have developed new application  fields of plastic flat yarn fabrics, and usually obtain monopoly opportunity in certain fields.
b. With same yarn, strength of fabrics produced by SPCL series super circular loom is   10% higher than that produced by other circular looms. As a result our customers can use    poor material weave better products, or say when strength of fabrics by other circular loom less than 10% than required, our circular loom can weave out fabrics that meets the strength requirement, so that daily production can decrease defective products to the least , certainly significantly  deduce the passive cases of user claim and/or reject due to low quality product. Life-time initiative due to one choice when purchasing  loom. 
2. Output advantage and easy operating advantage   More shuttles, big weft reduces number of changing weft. High output and easy operating , more income for operator, also lower intensity of labor of  extruding.
3. Less costBig mouth opened for warps results in less resistance to shuttles, less friction and heat, no yarn breakage in summer  due to excessive heat. No oil lubrication for cam can save 20% oil and energy,   Strength loss within weaving is also less.
4. Easy maintenanceWhile pursuing extraordinaire performance  SPCL series circular loom also makes effort to reduce wearing parts and simplify maintenance, the technician with 3 years' experience in machinery industry can master maintaining technology basically.
5.  After-sales service of SPCL circular loomWe provide lifelong service and technical support .
We own full intellectual properties  for key technology of SPCL series circular loom, while keep improving our products , we extend the improvement to old customers , and strive to improve all our SPCL circular looms which operating on site, to obtain maximum benefit.

6. About Shuttle The shuttle of SPCL series circular looms adopts unique patented technology (Swallow-Tail Guide Rail Pair for Plastic Circular Loom, Patent No ZL 96 2 17570.6 )       there’s only one wheel pushed by shuttle-pusher but no other wheels, the grind breakage to warps is reduced by 80% , meanwhile the impact of warps to movement precision of shuttles is avoided, these are completely different from all other kinds of circular loom, and result in following effects:
    a) Significantly reducing thread breakage, the maximum width of the circular loom can be up to 10 meters over, unit weight of fabrics can be more than 250~1000g/sq.m. or below 50g/sq.m., i.e can weave fabrics with unit weight 40~1000/sq.m.;
    b) Completely avoiding shuttle drop, and the shuttle can be adapted to warps with thickness above 0.03-1.0mm;
     c) Strength loss of fabrics 10% decreased in weaving process.
7. About Cam    SPCL Series Circular Loom adopts the structure of 3-dimension spacial cam , there are no sliding friction region and no any other parts within the open-mouth formed by cam, rocker and palm belt, the whole machine can operate smoothly  , no lubrication needed for cam, low noise.
8. About weft density adjusting     SPCL Series Circular Loom adopting transducer and servo-control on main machine and lifting system , and the speed of main machine and the weft density can be adjusted as required at any moment.